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Quintessential Web Sites' mission is to design and develop Web sites that are unique, concise, and professional at a reasonable cost, involving the client in the creative process, with the ultimate aim of promoting and enhancing the client's image.
Quintessential Web Sites is a startup venture, intended to serve people who recognize the need for a professional, effective Web site, but are not a position to commit large sums of money and time to the endeavor. I am currently focused on building a portfolio of varied, unique, creative projects and, consequently, offer very attractive rates (or other negotiated arrangements). For proof of my abilities, please visit the sites in my portfolio on the left. Every site is designed and coded by me from the ground up, based on the client's specific needs and expectations.
Client Participation: The site I create for you is ultimately your site. It should reflect your goals, your image, your personality, etc. Since it is your site, you will derive the greatest satisfaction and benefit by participating in the creative process, contributing your input at the start of the project and your feedback as the site is designed and developed.
Technology: The technology I employ includes the latest best practices in HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. If appropriate, I use PHP for server-side coding and MySQL as a database. I use Photoshop for photofinishing and resizing. I also explore other technologies as needed for specific projects.
About Me: My background includes eight years as a Web developer and four years as an Information Architect in a corporate environment. However, my technical skills are balanced by an interest in drawing, painting, and sculpture. I am also a professional photographer and digital photofinisher. I hold a Bachelor's degree in French from Emory University and Master's in Literary Criticism from Indiana University. I have studied and/or worked in French-speaking countries for three years and read Spanish and Italian.
I am located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you are not local, I am quite open to doing projects via email and telephone.
Email: rhanevold@gmail.comPhone: 404.626.7485